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California artist Nancy Eckels' paintings mirror the joy and energy she feels when creating works of uninhibited color, movement and emotion. Her mission is to make the viewer fall in love with her paintings by sharing her emotions. She draws them in and engulfs their experience with feeling, whether it's bold, in-your-face, good will, exuberance and passion or a more subtle introspective mood. Her technique is highly improvisational, painting off the top of her head with little or no plan in place, using only the emotion of the moment and the mental pictures from her life's experience. Many of her collectors fall in love with her work, because bold art reflects how they live their lives. They are successful, confident individuals with passionate, artistic, and outgoing personalities who know what they like and own it.

Nancy has been painting full time for seventeen years since ending another creative career. As a child, she dabbled in art, but always wanted to experience show business. She happily worked in television for many years, and was a director on the CBS daytime drama, "The Bold and the Beautiful" when she decided to move on to painting. Given her family background, it seemed like the most natural transition she could make. Her parents met in an oil painting class, and her sister, aunts and uncles are all artists.

Nancy considers herself a self-taught artist, obtaining a wealth of knowledge by osmosis from talented, artistic family members, in addition to study and training on her own. She has also been involved in workshops by such wonderful artists as Katherine Chang Liu, Carole Barnes, and Pat Dews. When collecting her creations, you will notice the ongoing change and continuing growth in her work over the years, which reflects her changing life in general and her constant quest to learn

Nancy will be painting as long as she can hold a brush. It's a passion that will not be lost to retirement. She lives with her husband in Canyon Country, California

You can see additional paintings at Nancy's daily blog

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Boca Raton FL

Carre d'artistes

Atlanta GA

Casco Bay Artisans

Portland ME  


2nd Place, Painting
Beverly Hills Art Show, Spring 2016

Second Place Masters Category 2006, 2007
Santa Clarita Artist Association Art Classic

Finalist, The Artist's Magazine over 60 competition
Abstract/Experimental category March 2014 issue

Finalist, The Artist's Magazine
Abstract/Experimental category December 2013 issue

Mayors Choice Award, Rancho Mirage Art Affaire 2012
Mayor of the City of Rancho Mirage, Scott Hines

Mayors Choice Award 2014
Mayor of the City of Rancho Mirage

First Place Gold Award, Acrylic
Santa Clarita Artists Association Art Classic 2001

Best of Show
Santa Clarita Artists Association Art Classic 2001

Best of Show
Santa Clarita Artists Association Art Classic 2000

First Place Gold Award, Acrylic
Santa Clarita Artists Association Art Classic 2000

Best of Show, Acrylics
Artfest 2000 of Henderson, NV

Second Place, Acrylic
Lake Arrowhead Art Festival 2000

First Place Gold Award, Acrylic
Santa Clarita Artist Assn. Art Classic

Second Place Acrylic/Oil
Conejo Valley Art Museum 1000 Oaks Art Walk 2003

First Place Acrylic
Rancho Mirage Art Affaire

Bellevue Festival of the Arts, Bellevue, WA

La Quinta Arts Festival, La Quinta, CA

Port Clinton Art Festival, Highland Park, IL

Oak Brook Invitational, Oakbrook, IL

Art Methods and Materials Art Exhibition, Pasadena, CA

Uptown Minneapolis Art Festival, Minneapolis, MN

State Street Area Art Festival, Ann Arbor, MI

Vail Art Festival, Vail, CO

Conejo Valley Art Museum 1000 Oaks Art Walk, Thousand Oaks, CA

Marin Art Festival, San Rafael, CA

Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts, Oklahoma City, OK

La Jolla Art and Food Faire, La Jolla, CA

Carefree Art and Wine Festival, Carefree, AZ

Scottsdale Arts Festival

If you are interested in purchasing an original, or just have a question,
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